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Slovenia flag.jpg
Region Europe
Population 2023358
GDP (millions USD) 46084
National Policies
Eggs for assisted reproduction commercial prohibited
Eggs for research ?
Inheritable genetic modification PROHIBITED
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis social uses prohibited
Reproductive cloning PROHIBITED
Research cloning PROHIBITED
Sex selection ?
International Agreements
1997 COE Biomedicine Convention RATIFIED
1998 COE Cloning Convention RATIFIED
2005 UN Cloning Vote YES
2005 UNESCO Sports Doping Convention not ratified
2007 Treaty of Lisbon RATIFIED


Key laws and policies

Prohibited practices

The following practices are prohibited:

  • Human reproductive cloning
  • Human research cloning
  • Inheritable genetic modification
  • Surrogacy
  • Embryo donation
  • Commercial transactions regarding gamete donations

A woman who intends to relinquish the child after birth is prohibited from accessing ART.

Permitted and regulated practices

Assisted Reproduction

  • IVF and other ART treatments are permitted and available.
  • ART is entirely publicly funded, with all procedures carried out at major public hospitals.
  • Gamete donation is permitted.
  • Donor gametes of one sex only may be used for treatment (i.e., you cannot use both donor sperm and egg).

External links

For a paper discussing assisted reproduction in Slovenia and Macedonia, see: Dejan Mickovik and Katerina Kochkovska, "Biomedically Assisted Reproduction in the Republic of Slovenia and the Republic of Macedonia," 2013, Iustinianus Primus Law Review, available at,%20Katerina%20Kochkovska.pdf, (accessed 23 February 2015).

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