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Flag of Nepal.png
Region Asia
Population 28901790
GDP (millions USD) 9,627
National Policies
Eggs for assisted reproduction ?
Eggs for research ?
Inheritable genetic modification ?
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis ?
Reproductive cloning ?
Research cloning ?
Sex selection ?
International Agreements
2005 UN Cloning Vote abstained
2005 UNESCO Sports Doping Convention not ratified

Key laws and policies

  • After India changed its laws in 2013 to prevent gay men and couples who had been married less than two years from hiring gestational surrogates, some Indian surrogacy clinics opened branches or relocated their services to Nepal. Surrogate mothers were undergoing in vitro fertilization in India and give birth in Nepal.[1] [2]
  • In December 2014, it was reported that Nepal’s Cabinet had approved draft legislation on surrogacy prepared by the Health Ministry. The Cabinet agreed to allow surrogacy for foreigners in the country, as long as the gestational surrogate is also a foreigner. However, there are no laws for domestic surrogacy.[3] [4]
  • Western use of Nepalese surrogacy services entered the news and received some criticism following Nepal’s April 25, 2015 earthquake. After the earthquake, Israel sent planes to evacuate babies contracted by Israeli couples and born to surrogate mothers in Nepal, leaving the surrogates behind often without adequate medical care.[5]
  • In October 2015, three weeks after the country’s Supreme Court issued an interim order to halt surrogacy in Nepal, a meeting of government ministers decided to ban surrogacy altogether.

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