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Luxembourg flag.gif
Region Europe
Population 480,222
GDP (millions USD) 50,160
National Policies
Eggs for assisted reproduction ?
Eggs for research ?
Inheritable genetic modification ?
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis ?
Reproductive cloning PROHIBITED
Research cloning PROHIBITED
Sex selection ?
Surrogacy no policy
International Agreements
1997 COE Biomedicine Convention signed
1998 COE Cloning Convention signed
2005 UN Cloning Vote no
2005 UNESCO Sports Doping Convention RATIFIED
2007 Treaty of Lisbon signed

Key laws and policies

Presently, there is no law regulating assisted reproduction in Luxembourg.

Clinicians abide by European standards of medical practice and some follow the French bioethical law: July 1994 [“Law on Bioethics, (no. 2004-800),” 2004,].

There is no legislation on stem cell research.

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