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Women’s eggs have been regularly used for scientific research since at least the 1960’s, when in vitro fertilization and other assisted reproduction techniques were being developed. The use of women’s eggs for research increased dramatically over the past decade as a consequence of the growing interest in embryonic stem cell research.

Some countries prohibit the use of women’s eggs for research. Others allow such use but prohibit payment for these eggs beyond reasonable compensation for expenses. Other countries have no laws or policies addressing either the use of women’s eggs or the level of compensation that is permitted.

Table: National policies

The Table shows policies currently in effect regarding the use of women’s eggs for scientific research.


  • PROHIBITED: This practice is prohibited by national law or policies having the force of law.
  • commercial prohibited: Commercial use of this practice is prohibited by national law or policies having the force of law, but non-commercial use is allowed.
  • commercial allowed: Commercial use of this practice is allowed by national law or policies having the force of law.
  • permitted: This practice is allowed by national law or policies having the force of law, but policies concerning compensation are unknown.
  • no policy: This practice is not addressed by national law or policies having the force of law.
  • ?: It is unknown whether this practice is addressed by national law or policies having the force of law.

Note: The categories defined in the key and used in the table characterize the polices in any given country in a broad manner. Consult the page for each country for more detailed accounts of current policies.

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  Region Eggs for research
Afghanistan Asia ?
Albania Europe ?
Algeria Africa ?
Andorra Europe ?
Angola Africa ?
Antigua and Barbuda Latin America ?
Argentina Latin America no policy
Armenia Asia ?
Australia Oceania commercial prohibited
Austria Europe PROHIBITED
Azerbaijan Asia ?
Bahamas Latin America ?
Bahrain Asia ?
Bangladesh Asia ?
Barbados Latin America ?
Belarus Europe permitted
Belgium Europe commercial prohibited
Belize Latin America ?
Benin Africa ?
Bhutan Asia ?
Bolivia Latin America ?
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe ?
Botswana Africa ?
Brazil Latin America no policy
Brunei Asia ?
Bulgaria Europe permitted
Burkina Faso Africa ?
Burundi Africa ?
Cambodia Asia ?
Cameroon Africa ?
Canada Northern America commercial prohibited
Cape Verde Africa ?
Central African Republic Africa ?
Chad Africa ?
Chile Latin America ?
China Asia commercial prohibited
Colombia Latin America ?
Comoros Africa ?
Cook Islands Oceania ?
Costa Rica Latin America ?
Croatia Europe no policy
Cuba Latin America ?
Cyprus Asia ?
Czech Republic Europe ?
Côte d'Ivoire Africa ?
Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa ?
Denmark Europe permitted
Djibouti Africa ?
Dominica Latin America ?
Dominican Republic Latin America ?
Ecuador Latin America ?
El Salvador Latin America ?
Equatorial Guinea Africa ?
Eritrea Africa ?
Estonia Europe commercial prohibited
Ethiopia Africa ?
Fiji Oceania ?
Finland Europe commercial prohibited
France Europe commercial prohibited
Gabon Africa ?
Gambia Africa ?
Germany Europe ?
Ghana Africa ?
Greece Europe commercial prohibited
Grenada Latin America ?
Guatemala Latin America ?
Guinea Africa ?
Guinea-Bissau Africa ?
Guyana Latin America ?
Haiti Latin America ?
Honduras Latin America ?
Hong Kong Asia ?
Hungary Europe commercial allowed
Iceland Europe permitted
India Asia no policy
Indonesia Asia ?
Iran Asia ?
Iraq Asia ?
Ireland Europe ?
Israel Asia commercial prohibited
Jamaica Latin America no policy
Japan Asia commercial prohibited
Jordan Asia ?
Kazakhstan Asia ?
Kenya Africa ?
Kiribati Oceania ?
Kosovo Asia ?
Kyrgyzstan Asia ?
Laos Asia ?
Latvia Europe permitted
Lebanon Asia ?
Lesotho Africa ?
Liberia Africa ?
Libya Africa ?
Liechtenstein Europe ?
Lithuania Europe ?
Luxembourg Europe ?
Macedonia Europe ?
Madagascar Africa ?
Malawi Africa ?
Malaysia Asia ?
Maldives Asia ?
Mali Africa ?
Marshall Islands Oceania ?
Mauritania Africa ?
Mauritius Africa ?
Mexico Latin America ?
Micronesia Oceania ?
Moldova Europe ?
Monaco Europe ?
Mongolia Asia ?
Montenegro Europe ?
Morocco Africa no policy
Mozambique Africa ?
Myanmar Asia ?
Namibia Africa ?
Nauru Oceania ?
Nepal Asia ?
Netherlands Europe commercial prohibited
New Zealand Oceania commercial prohibited
Nicaragua Latin America ?
Niger Africa ?
Nigeria Africa ?
North Korea Asia ?
Norway Europe PROHIBITED
Oman Asia ?
Pakistan Asia ?
Palau Oceania ?
Palestine Asia ?
Panama Latin America ?
Papua New Guinea Oceania ?
Paraguay Latin America ?
Peru Latin America ?
Philippines Asia PROHIBITED
Poland Europe ?
Portugal Europe ?
Republic of the Congo Africa ?
Romania Europe ?
Russia Europe commercial allowed
Rwanda Africa ?
Saint Kitts and Nevis Latin America ?
Saint Lucia Latin America ?
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Latin America ?
Samoa Oceania ?
San Marino Europe ?
Saudi Arabia Asia PROHIBITED
Senegal Africa ?
Serbia Europe ?
Seychelles Africa ?
Sierra Leone Africa ?
Singapore Asia commercial prohibited
Slovakia Europe ?
Slovenia Europe ?
Solomon Islands Oceania ?
Somalia Africa ?
South Africa Africa no policy
South Korea Asia commercial prohibited
South Sudan Africa ?
Spain Europe commercial allowed
Sri Lanka Asia ?
Sudan Africa ?
Suriname Latin America ?
Swaziland Africa ?
Sweden Europe permitted
Switzerland Europe ?
Syria Asia ?
São Tomé and Príncipe Africa ?
Taiwan Asia commercial prohibited
Tajikistan Asia ?
Tanzania Africa ?
Thailand Asia ?
Timor-Leste Asia ?
Togo Africa ?
Tonga Oceania ?
Trinidad and Tobago Latin America ?
Tunisia Africa PROHIBITED
Turkey Asia ?
Turkmenistan Asia ?
Tuvalu Oceania ?
Uganda Africa ?
Ukraine Europe ?
United Arab Emirates Asia PROHIBITED
United Kingdom Europe commercial prohibited
United States
Uruguay Latin America ?
Uzbekistan Asia ?
Vanuatu Oceania ?
Venezuela Latin America ?
Vietnam Asia ?
Zambia Africa ?
Zimbabwe Africa ?