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Region Europe
Population 7,591,400
GDP (millions USD) 423,938
National Policies
Eggs for assisted reproduction PROHIBITED
Eggs for research ?
Inheritable genetic modification PROHIBITED
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis PROHIBITED
Reproductive cloning PROHIBITED
Research cloning PROHIBITED
Sex selection PROHIBITED
International Agreements
1997 COE Biomedicine Convention signed
1998 COE Cloning Convention signed
2005 UN Cloning Vote YES
2005 UNESCO Sports Doping Convention not ratified
2007 Treaty of Lisbon not signed


Key laws and policies

  • Federal Constitution of the Swiss Confederation (September 2001)
  • Federal Act on Research on Surplus Embryos and Embryonic Stem Cells (Embryonic Research Act) (November 2004)
  • Federal Law on Genetic Testing (2004)
  • Federal Law on Medically Assisted Reproduction (December 8, 1998)

Prohibited practices

The Constitution and the Embryonic Research Act prohibits the following:

  • Research cloning
  • Reproductive cloning
  • Producing an embryo for research purposes
  • Producing stem cells from a research embryo
  • Modifying the hereditary patrimony of germ cells
  • Producing embryonic stem cells from an embryo whose germline was modified, or use of such cells
  • Creating a clone, a chimera or a hybrid
  • Producing embryonic stem cells from a clone, a chimera or a hybrid, or use such cells
  • Developing a parthenote, produce embryonic stem cells from a parthenote, or use such cells
  • Importing or exporting any of the embryos, clones, chimeras, hybrids or parhenotes described[1]
  • Surrogacy[2][3]
  • Eggs for assisted reproduction[2]

Permitted and regulated practices

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis is generally thought to be prohibited but there are suggestions that the Federal Law on Genetic Testing may allow its use for medical reasons.[4]


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