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The European Union is an international organization of 27 member states. The EU and its constituent bodies play a major and growing role in European policy integration.

In 2007 the EU prepared the Treaty of Lisbon, which establishes a new legal basis for its activities and expands its powers and authority. The Treaty is expected to be ratified by all member states by the end of 2008 and enter into force in 2009.

The Lisbon Treaty incorporates the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, whose Article 3, entitled “Rights to the Integrity of the Person,” prohibits human reproductive cloning, “eugenic practices, in particular those aiming at the selection of persons,” and “making the human body and its parts as such a source of financial gain.”

The rejection of the Treaty by Irish voters in 2008 causes the future of the treaty, and the incorporation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, to be in doubt.

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The Table shows the status of the 2007 Treaty of Lisbon for each member state.

You can click the icon in any column heading to sort by that column. To sort the other direction, click it again.


  • RATIFIED: This country has ratified this measure, and thus agrees to abide by its provisions.
  • signed: This country has signed this measure, indicating an intent to ratify it.
  • blank cell: This country has neither signed nor ratified this measure.

You can click the icon in any column heading to sort by that column. To sort the other direction, click it again.

Country Population 2007 Treaty of Lisbon
Austria 83164908,316,490 RATIFIED
Belgium 1058450010,584,500 signed
Bulgaria 79330007,933,000 RATIFIED
Cyprus 788457788,457 signed
Czech Republic 1038110010,381,100 signed
Denmark 54757905,475,790 RATIFIED
Estonia 13406001,340,600 signed
Finland 53082105,308,210 signed
France 6447310064,473,100 RATIFIED
Germany 8221000082,210,000 RATIFIED
Greece 1121670011,216,700 signed
Hungary 1005300010,053,000 RATIFIED
Ireland 60000006,000,000 signed
Italy 5944820059,448,200 signed
Latvia 22707002,270,700 RATIFIED
Lithuania 33696003,369,600 RATIFIED
Luxembourg 480222480,222 signed
Malta 402000402,000 RATIFIED
Netherlands 1640860016,408,600 signed
Poland 3851820038,518,200 RATIFIED
Portugal 1084870010,848,700 RATIFIED
Romania 2224690022,246,900 RATIFIED
Slovakia 54475025,447,502 RATIFIED
Slovenia 20233602,023,360 RATIFIED
Spain 4520070045,200,700 signed
Sweden 91829309,182,930 signed
United Kingdom 6058730060,587,300 signed
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